Social Prescriber Link Worker Newsletter – October 2021

Hello all,

Firstly – happy Social Prescribing Link Worker Day!  Working with those most disadvantaged is rewarding but hard work. National Association of Link Workers have developed a resource to highlight the social prescribing link worker role in tackling health inequalities – have a read!

As World Mental Health Day is approaching (Sunday) our thoughts are with all who support peoples’ mental health wellbeing. As SPLW you are crucial in providing much-needed person-centred support. You provide your patients with countless possibilities aiming to improve their wellbeing.

At the same time, we often hear how much you struggle yourself, how isolating the role can be for you. You experience many challenges ranging from managing professional relationships across many surgeries, having to prove your worth in Primary Care, pushing back unrealistic targets or inappropriate referrals, to being unable to support your patient because of lack of appropriate services in your area.

That’s why we run London peer support sessions – to allow you to speak to your peers, to offload and feel inspired again. As inspiration is what you share with those who you support. Please feel free to sign up for our bi-weekly Peer Support Open sessions for SPLWsManagers’ Peer Support or a session dedicated to New SPLWs in London.

As the world is opening up and many of us return to a place of work that is not home, we are keen to revisit how best to arrange peer support for SPLWs across London.
Please answer this quick survey to help us shape how we organise the sessions going forward.
It would be great if you could share with us how do you find this newsletter – is it useful?

Please do keep in touch with us both!

Lianna & Justyna

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