Is the Expert Patient Self-Management Course in the Borough of Barnet it’s number one best kept secret?!

This 30 + years’ world-wide self-help course has recently come to the people living in the Borough of Barnet who have long term health issues ie, arthritis, COPD, Type 2 Diabetes, depression, mobility problems , etc. to name a few; or is a Carer to someone with long term health issues.

It is a Pilot programme at present and there are only 3 more 6 week courses planned for some time after Easter. Each session has a maximum of 16 persons who have health issues or who is a Carer. I’m in it and was self-referred although your GP can refer you. The tutors themselves have long term health issues but that’s not the point. I can best describe this course which is accompanied by an impressive free manual (also available on Amazon) as a sort of Life Coaching Course.

It’s not specifically about your health problems. It’s more about ‘Spring cleaning’ your life and learning about healthy eating, exercise and relaxation, problem solving, dealing with difficult emotions, and more. And it’s free. I’m at session number 3 this week. My classmates are friendly, and we get to chat for a bit at coffee break. It runs for 2 1/2 hours per session and because of the way that the syllabus is presented, time flies. I guarantee you will benefit immensely from this well devised course from Stanford University which is widely run by the NHS throughout Britain.


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